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Weather, too, is a Concern

8:59 am

We are expecting more poor weather likely today. If you are out and working please be aware that the weather might be an issue again today.

The RCPD will be doing sweeps again today to make sure that everyone is accounted for. FEMA is in the area also doing sweeps, as is the RED CROSS. National Guard is on site to also secure the damaged areas.

9:01 am

If you need shelter, there is also now a shelter for pets available.

The RCPD will have a press conference this evening

Gov. Sebelius & our 2 senators Brownback and Roberts will be coming tonight to view the damage at KSU and Manhattan


There are many great things about living in Kansas, tornadoes are not one of them. The community's response is amazing. Out of all the damaged homes, only 6 people needed to use the shelter last night.


K-Man, K-Rock still are running current updates.


Volunteers are Needed today after lunchtime. CALL City office at 587- 2489 or 587- 2404 for further instructions.


9:13 am

City Manager Ron Fear reports that they will be assessing structural damage and trying to mark any unsafe buildings in town. Most of the main roads are open in Manhattan. Please be aware that stoplights may be not functioning. Use caution when working outside as the situation is still dangerous--broken glass and nails and other building supplies and household items are spread over the area and still pose a hazard.


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