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It seems that everytime I'm getting organized to actually send out my work, I have a technical glitch. Out of ink, the driver for the printer is mysteriously deleted, the kids have used up all of the printer paper to draw cartoons on, or I'm out of envelopes because the kid felt he should make packets of cartoons to send to *his* friends.

This week, it's my computer down. I did get a couple of email submissions out the door, and two paper packets out before the end of the month deadlines. I managed a few last month as well, so not too terrible, but not what I was hoping to get done before we packed up and hit the highway for our rather short move to Leavenworth, Kansas.

The move threatens to be all I can see right now. But when I'm busy, I need to write. So, I write. Life is good, no?


Dick said...

Good luck with the mailouts - and the technology. Who are you sending to? I'm sending stuff out at present and having real difficulty finding mags that might suit.

Amy D. Unsworth said...

Hi Dick,

One of the things I find helpful when I'm looking for places to submit to is to pick up a book of poetry from a poet I admire. If their work is in some way similiar to mine, I read the acknowledgements for leads and then pick up a copy of the journal an see if the poems are a match.

Good Luck to you too,