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Manhattan Damage/ KSU tornado

About 30 houses in Miller Ranch area are destroyed to foundations, and the K-State Campus sounds like it has some serious damages as well: roofs torn off, power lines down, mostly near Weber Hall, and in the parking areas. Water damage, faculty offices damaged, and such. Reactor was hit by the storm, and the engineering building. But no real reports of injuries.

CAMPERS IN THE RESIDENTS HALL ARE SAFE, according to reports on the radio this morning.

It appears that all the storms are done for tonight. I think I will really go try to sleep.
Our quick review of our property didn't reveal any damages, but I'll look again with the light.

Amherst Area, Manhattan Damage

(If you've arrived directly to this page you may not see the latest information: I've embedded some photos--click photos from the archive links at the right of the page for the latest information I have from the area.)

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