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June 11th Tornado

It seems that the tornado "bounced" three times across town starting at the south west corner of town near Eureka Drive (just north of Fort Riley Blvd) skipped across the lake and hit the ridge at Miller Ranch just west of Seth-Child and continued across to damage several businesses. (I'm sickened to hear that there was some looting at the Toyota Dealership) then the tornado skipped over and hit near campus, removing a roof *near* the Farmhouse Fraternity House, and damaging several campus buildings.

PLEASE STAY HOME! Unless of course you you and your family need shelter. The RED Cross # is 537-2180 and they are operating a shelter at Cico Park's Potteroff Hall with a backup shelter ready to go if necessary. (Pets are NOT accepted)

I expect that WIBW will have photos for us in the morning and the Manhattan Mercury.(although there is NOTHING on their site right now, besides a thread in the comment section.) and here's a link to the Manhattan Broadcasting's website.

And a better map, indicating the Miller Ranch Area.

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