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Posted by Picasa It's probably time for a new photo folks!

At the Homemade for the Holidays Show

Here's a few pictures of Homemade for the Holidays. My middle son was a good sport & helped me keep shop in his "Farmer-wear." We had a great time meeting so many new people & chatting with all of the other craftspeople who were there. It was a great time!

To the left, I've included a picture of one of my display sections; this is just a fraction of the booth and of the wares we're carrying online. But the dried florals are some of my favorites so I thought I'd show them off.

Small Branches Studio's online store will be launching soon. My nlt date is January 6th. But hopefully I'll be able to add more products & have it launched before too much longer.
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Coming Soon:

I'm branching out!

Small Branches Studio

primitive picks, vintage elegance, & farmhouse dreams

unique gifts & hand-crafted one of a kind designs from

yonder Kansas where the wind buffets the Flint Hills

~~small branches deep roots~~