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Dr. Bill ;-) said...

It has been very interesting to have a Google Alert for Blogs on "Kansas Flint Hills!"
Yours came up today!
We have a 22 county Flint Hills Tourism Coalition promoting visits to the Kansas Flint Hills – this is the website: http://www.kansasflinthills.travel/
Our web site is to promote the Kansas Flint Hills; and we were so happy to be in the 22 page color photo spread in National Geographic's April Issue on the Kansas Flint Hills, as a distinctive landscape.

We would appreciate a link from your site, to ours, if you are willing to do so. THANKS!
Best wishes!

Bill ;-)

Personal Blog: http://flinthillsofkansas.blogspot.com/

Amy Unsworth said...

Hello Dr. Bill ;),

I'm happy to add your link to my site; I've actually done so already! Thanks for stopping by! I'm a big fan of the new sign on I-70 too! We went by a few times when it was in progress & I was happy to see that it was a Landmark sign rather than another advertisement!


RD said...

Great "Welcome to the Flint Hills" signs on I-70. To bad the west facing sign misses the mark by many, many miles.
It's like saying welcome after someone has been in your house and ask to use the bathroom.
If you promote all of the KS Flint Hills, the west sign belong between Salina and Abilene.
If you promote just the ecoregion of the Flint Hills, the sign belongs on the western side of Junction City.
Too bad that even the Flint Hills got caught up in polotics.
PS....There are plenty of locations on the west side of JC that could have been used. And if someone says, "We did not want the traveler to drive thru Junction City as part of the Flint Hills, as we wanted them to drive thru the pristine area. Drive between the current placement of the Flint Hill signs...pristine....notice the oil wells, billboards, businesses, homes, old stored equipment, etc..
Anyway, The Flint Hills should be promoted as it is, not what someone wants it to be.

Amy D. Unsworth said...

Hello RD,

I'm unaware of the politics surrounding the signs--I'm a resident who enjoys the beauty of the hills. I noticed the sign to the East of Manhattan being built while I was traveling to & from KC for my cancer treatment. We watched with a bit of trepidation, not knowing what it might turn out to be. When the sign was finally revealed, we were happy to see that it was a marker for The Flint Hills.

On where the sign was placed? I'm sorry I don't have a dog in that fight.

Junction City is a town with a lot of character. And like towns with character(s) there will always be some that aren't a savory as one would like. I particularly like "The Lope's" photographic angle of JC--sometimes it helps to see thing through a different lens. Try here: