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Local Photos/ KSU Tornado

KSU RELIEF FUND The site has information about yesterday's events and a way for you to donate to KSU to help rebuild. This link is to the KSU Foundation.


Here is a link from WIBW with viewer photos. The website also has some early video. (The following photos are embedded from that site, photo credits to Justin Weibers for the KSU photos and "Steph" for the Amhearst photos) Click to see larger photos/or to comment at that site)

Amherst Area, Manhattan Damage

Amherst Area, Manhattan Damage

Photos from the Campus Area:

K-State Tornado

K-State Tornado

K-State Tornado

Amherst Area, Manhattan Damage

Here is a link to the broadcast of last night's storm at it occurred on KTKA

Cnn's coverage is spotty right now. But the I-report section has a few other photos: see here

Toyota on Seth Child:

Extensive damge to Manhattan

A photo of "a" Tornado during a lightning strike: EDIT: Good Grief-> awesome photo of the power of nature; NOT a photo from this tornado.


Another CNN "I-report" reporter has pictures available:

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