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Picking Up

Manhattan KS 8:50 am.

After the night's emergency, it's absolutely amazing that there have been no serious injuries reported here in Manhattan. The neighborhood was a family neighborhood. Another friend who lives in the area, is out of town--so we know that she is fine but have no word on her home.

Reports indicate that $20 millions in damage at Kansas State Campus.

Volunteers should call RCPD if you are physically fit and are willing to help pick up and sort debris in the tornado hit area especially in the Miller Ranch Area.

Water's True Value is destroyed to just a slab.

Damage to apartments and some home on College Ave.

Potteroff Hall is still available as a shelter.

Cash donations should be sent to the RED CROSS.

Two arrests made for looting in the Amhearst Area. Good Grief.


I'll update as the day progresses as The Manhattan Mercury site is down from heavy traffic.


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