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Tornadoes Tonight in Kansas

June 11th, 2008 11:52 pm

Manhattan KS: Local radio reports a tornado touched down near Seth Childe Boulvd. within the last hour with cars turned over at /near the Toyota Dealership and on/near K-State's Campus.

We spent the hour huddled together in our storm shelter under the stairs. Luckily our friends who live in that area report power outages but are otherwise fine. We're under a watch until 3am.

We're staying near to cover until the worst blows over.

I'll update later in the morning.

Amy (wearing her red sandals just in case)


Live update via b101. 5 fm Radio

Amhearst neighborhood (one block west of Seth Childe) with severe damage, roofs off houses on north Dartmouth, with Miller Ranch area reported as more severe via RCPD. Gas leaks are presumed for this area.

No current reports of injuries.

K-state Campus is also reporting damage.

Updated: 12:37

Water's True Value (the new location) is completely demolished. Some houses in Amhearst completely destroyed according to live broadcast on FM 101.5 Miller Ranch area heavily damaged.

12:42 report from Campus:

University Heights has also been damaged as well as the Engineering Bldg on KSU campus

At Claflin & North Manhattan severe damage to campus soil labs (reported as uprooted/then dropped in parking lot).


Lee Elementary School reports damage and debris. Summer School for Manhattan (USD 383) is canceled until further notice.



minor injuries reported in Miller Ranch area such as broken bones. RCPD is going through the neighborhood right now.


K-rock, K-Man, B104.7 will have links on their web-pages with further updates... Pets will NOT be allowed at the shelters (yet to be determined) I'll add links asap.

On Campus: reports indicate

Cardwell, Bird, and another building damaged. Wind erosion lab is completely destroyed.


1:01 am

Eyewitness reports on the radio indicate about 10 houses completely destroyed to the foundation in the Miller Ranch area. Yet, most residents are accounted for with only minor injuries.
Red Cross is on the scene to take people to the shelter.


As of now, news reports probably 3 touchdowns in the Manhattan area. 1. Eureka Drive (west of Manhattan) 2.) Miller Ranch/ Seth Child/ Amhearst / and businesses 3.) K-State Campus (Now sealed from the public.)


Check with the above radio stations (and I'm sure that the video crews will have more for those who watch TV) for more update information as the night goes on.


I think I'll let the official people report from here. If you're here in Manhattan, please be safe and don't go gawking. The night's not quite over yet.


May God hold you in His hands


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