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What You May or May Not Know

  • I prefer silver to gold.
  • I prefer coffee to tea, except for in the coldest parts of winter and then I drink tea with evaporated milk.
  • I am supposed to like purple, and have been fussed at while walking to my car past the athletic department for not wearing it on a certain Friday before the game. But they won anyway, even if I was wearing black.
  • I once was a Huron, and then an Eagle all without changing schools. I did change my major from Theatre to Literature when I realized that I'd taken so many electives in poetry and drama that it made more sense that way.
  • I had a two and a half year old and a 9 month baby when I graduated with my B.A., but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. My third son came along later and thinks he is a cowboy, since he was born in Texas.
  • I have lived in seven states so far. Each of them has something to recommend it.
  • I really haven't met that many famous people, but I did serve soup to Yo Yo Ma once.
  • I think to write poetry one must read, and read , and read, and did I mention read?
  • I teach poetry to sixth graders and they're a lot quicker to pick up on concepts than I thought they'd be.
  • I teach Expository Writing and I like it. This means that there is something practical on my vita, and I should be able to get a job one day while I'm (im)patiently waiting to get a job teaching literature or poetry. I also like getting to know my students and am grateful for the fairly small class size (about 20 students in each section). When I'm not grading papers, I'm studying for my MA in literature. And I love it.
  • Ph. D.? M.F.A? Literature? Poetry? All of the Above? I can only wait and see.


Roger Pao said...

Hello Amy, ok, I've got to give hats off to you for teaching poetry to sixth graders!!! I think that poetry should be a much larger part of the K-12 curriculum, but obviously, I'm biased. :)

Also, reading your list of poets, I think that you should check out Adrienne Su's "Middle Kingdom." I think you'd enjoy it.

Amy Unsworth said...

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll throw it on the heap next time I'm at the library or barring that, into my virtual shopping cart next book shopping trip.

The sixth graders are actually fun; you can do things like tell them to put their heads down and visualize something before they start writing. Or snap/clap for iambic feet. We did "allegory" poems after Dobbins last year, and one guy came up with this: "being with me is like trying to find hay in a needle stack". Perfect.