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Since Eduardo (Hello Eduardo!) has asked for notebook pages, I thought I'd play along. I typically write down images, and sometimes interesting titles or phrases. I'm terrible about dating my entries, so here is a random page:

the second story deck
the trees dropping branches
drooping coreopsis
flies on fresh dog shit
a rock fallen from the wall
sunlight on hostas
clenched fists on son
one red jelly bean
purple t-shirt
wind-messed hair
branches slapping into faces

trust the kindness of the muse
grocery shopping--fresh greens

prose & cons

graffiti on trains
spring: vultures everywhere
storm tree riders

trussing shuffle
ladders shutters
wet ground drill cord


Another page, dated 8 September 2004, has two drafts of a rough poem: (I won't include the strikethroughs, as I don't know how to format them) But with edits it looks like this:

Passing 1000

Overnight the tally turns over:
an odometer on an old car
on a long road. Briefly
it holds and turns
again. In the rearview:
crosses stand like milemarkers



Eduardo C. Corral said...

Hello Amy!

I'm glad you took part in the notebook thing. I really like the simile "crosses stand like milemarkers" from your notebook.

Amy Unsworth said...

Hi Eduardo,
Thanks for the challenge. It's nice to see so many poets across the 'net stepping up to play. I couldn't get the notebook draft to feel like a poem. I think because there is not quite enough of it yet. Perhaps another day.