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The new books are arriving. The first package arrived today with Repair and Breath. Is it possible to read without being influenced? Will I find that I'm cranking out Detroit poems by the end of the semester?

I've lived near Detroit actually. And have interesting memories of going to the Majestic theatre, I believe that was the name; it was a dark, smoky, ratty old theatre. The crowd wore black and leather with studs and everyone smoked clove cigarettes. And driving in Detroit we were always terrified of taking the wrong exit as people were always getting carjacked. Looking back I think: Who would have wanted my old Mercury?

I just spoke to a friend from Michigan last night whose husband works in one of the "state of the art" new Ford plants. It has a "living roof" which helps cut down on pollution, and saves energy. Things are always changing.

Perhaps I will write about Detroit, or Michigan again. It's the time of the year that reminds me of how cold I always was there. Ah! Nostalgia!


jenni said...

I got Rae Armantrout's 'Veil' today! I just think she's the cat's meow. My mom works in a car factory--GM. She says it's smoldering in the summer and freezing in the winter. Anyways, enjoy your book. Look forward to what it might inspire.


Amy Unsworth said...

Hi Jenni,

Ever feel as if there's so much good poetry out there just waiting to be read? I don't think I've read any of Rae's work before. Someday. . .

I don't know much about car factories, although I lived near one once. That sounds a little too much like the commercial "I'm not a doctor--but I play one on TV"
Who knows, though, a factory may still show up in my work one day.