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Katlyn “Katie” Collman

There's rosemary, that's for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember.


FiveFootBagel said...

i know you now
though you didn't know me.
for 5 days
worrying for you like any mother would,
googling your sweet smile daily
hoping to see news of your return to your mother
so i could smile on my children
feeling grateful you were back with your own.

wishing i could have been in that creek
perhaps swimming below to will you to the surface
for the return of another day
another crooked smile.

instead i gaze on my own
thinking no one should die like a dog
except perhaps
the one who caused this pain
in all the mothers
of all the others.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about Katie. You speak for all mothers - whether our children are young or older.


rj said...

I can't get this little girl out of my head. I have a 10 year old girl myself and nothing has affected me so deeply as this unnecessary tragedy. For the last week I have been thinking of little else. I need to somehow come to terms. Thanks for the poem. It expressed so many emotions.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much from our family.you may write to the parents of katie,i know they would appreciate knowing you still think about katie and pray for them.john and angie neace, 313 w.main st. crothersville,indiana 47229. thank you again.

FiveFootBagel said...

i did write to katie's parents, and sent a bit of money. though i am a single mother of four, i felt their project was worthy enough to share funds with them.
i suggested they create an orphanage-home out of the apartment complex for children who are victims of meth or other abuse. it could be called 'katie's kids'. i also offered to write their grants for free (www.mgbproposalsplus.com). no word yet. I realize it's a BIG undertaking, but it can be done.
then katie's tragedy could resonate in positive ways throughout the lives of many.
i'm on board, and willing to do what it takes.
i'm tired of reading about victimized children.

Amy Unsworth said...

(September 2007)Update:
The man convicted of Katie's murder is in the news this week.

If you're visiting to learn more about Katie & her legacy, I recommend you visit the link below about Katie's Playground. The town of Crothersville along with many other volunteers made this possible in Katie's memory.


I originally posted Katie's Amber Alert because I spent part of my childhood in Crothersville. We walked everywhere & rode our bikes to the Dairy Stand for ice-cream with sprinkles. Danger back then was someone driving too fast on a gravel road. The playground was an obstacle course that we ran for field days and the occasional prize ribbon. I have not visited in years.