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I discovered this as I was looking to refresh some linguistic skills. The page is supposed to be read in pdf. but I though it was rather fascinating this way as well. I've never been much of a concrete poet (well, except for those two chicken poems) but this caught my eye. I especially liked how this stood out over on the left margin.:



jenni said...

That's really cool, Amy. I think there's a book of concrete poetry, mostly photos and poems written on the sides of public mailboxes, on banners, as city bus advertisements. I've been trying to find that book for over a year. I saw it once at a conference, but forgot the name of it.

Amy Unsworth said...

Hi Jenni,
Thanks for dropping by, sorry for the delay, I was waylaid by a bit of whatever's going around.

I think it is interesting that we're so trained to see words and therefore meaning that we try to force ourselves to see "something" in a collage image like this. I try to read the boxcars sometimes while I'm waiting for the trains to go by, in a similar attempt to find words/meaning in the graffiti painted on the sides. Sometimes it's rather beautiful.