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Ringing in the New

No ma, if everyone was jumping off a bridge, I wouldn't. But here I am participating in the newest trend in American Poetry: The Blog. Why? I need to get in the habit of writing more often. Since creative non-fiction seems to be the new hot genre, a blog seems a perfect way to practice. But give up the poetry? Never.

Happy New Year to all. Is it really 2005 already?

My motto for the year:

Be Bold. But not too Bold.

Thanks E.S.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kid, Welcome!


pixels said...

I also find myself jumping of the bridge of Blogging.

Just a friendly 'ello!

Amy Unsworth said...

Hello Scoplaw, Thanks for the welcome. Good to see you about. Nice mask by the way.

and Hello to you as well pixels. Good luck with your blogging adventures.

steve mueske said...

Welcome, Amy! I look forward to making your blog part of my rounds. Happy New Year!


Amy Unsworth said...

Hey Steve,
Nice to see you dropping by. Happy New Year to you as well.