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EXTRA! Extra! Good News!

Ice Sculpture With Mermaid

Is now available for pre-ordering at http://www.threecandlespress.com.

Three Candles is offering really sweet deal - a temporary 10%, no shipping sale. That works out to $11.66. This is uber-cheap.

(Its normally $12.95, plus shipping)

Advance Readers Write:

"'Here we go a-sentencing' Robert Frost said about writing poetry. This is what you'll find in Ice Sculpture of Mermaid with Cigar: exceptional sentences, a wild, wily, Protean imagination, a sometimes generous, sometimes scaldingly wry intelligence, and a whole, properly crazy heart. RJ McCaffrey makes poems that are almost miracles."
— Thomas Lux

(I cut this copy from RJ's Blog => you can read more over there!)

If you know me from around the 'net you probably know RJ too, but I'd like to take a moment to celebrate with him and to encourage you to pick up this book to support both RJ & Three Candles Press.

Throwing Confetti into the Air! `* ~ * ' *

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