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Coming Soon!

My poem, which is a dramatic monologue, "And by His Hand, Lightning" is appearing in this collection of monologues. Since once upon a time I was a theatre person, I'm delighted to have my work appear here!


Scoplaw said...

Congrats Kid - It's a very good poem.

michi said...

hello amy! got here somehow ... and wanted to say hello!

congrats on the monologue publication!

hope all is well,

michi (ex-niederngasse editor, you know)

Glenn Ingersoll said...

ooh. anthologification.

somebody somewhere saying what you said.


Amy Unsworth said...

Hi RJ, It's one I'm pleased with, and it's a little different from my usual mix. (Thanks to you, Steve, and the old Haven gang!)

Hey Michi! I'm glad to see you're still around the 'net neighborhood! Thanks for your good words. Drop me a line and let me know what you're up to these days!

Glenn, Is that even a word?? But, yes, it's rather nice! Especially since it's in a book which by its nature is made to be read aloud!

Thanks for stopping in folks!

steve mueske said...

Hey, Amy, glad I stopped in today. Mucho congratulations to you! Well deserved!


David and Jeana said...

Congrats from Cincy...and kisses from Caleb!:)

Amy Unsworth said...

Thanks friends!

J Martin said...

Sorry to come in late on this, but congratulations!

Amy Unsworth said...

Hi Jack! Thanks for stopping in!
(It's starting to feel like a party around here! )