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Almost April

It's that time. . .poetry month is around the bend. What will you do to promote poetry in this great land of ours? I don't think I'll have time to write a poem a day. Maybe a poem a week would be a more realistic goal. I might read a poem a day to my students. What is your goal? Have any better ideas?

Tick Tock.


Dick said...

A poem a week! I wish. I've slowed down to a crawl. Maybe it's the prolonged winter. As soon as I spy the first daffodil, I'll reach for the ballpoint & see what happens...

Amy Unsworth said...

Hi Dick,

Ok, maybe I should say "draft" instead of "poem"! I do wonder how many opportunities I miss because I do not yet make myself write poetry daily.

I hope your daffodils arrive soon! Here in Kansas we've had ours in bloom for about 5 days now!
(Although sadly they're predicting snow this weekend.

Judas said...

There's a poetry month? Why was I not informed. I hereby resolve to live each day in the style of a diffrent poet. First will be Coleridge, after that I'll probably forget what I was doing. Ah good intentions.

Poetry Politics and Piracy

Amy Unsworth said...


If you're impersonating a romantic poet, just don't go swimming or boating.

And skip the confessionals as well, they had some habits that don't pair too well with survival.

Live well,