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Wearing out Welcome

Last Monday night the ice storm rolled through Manhattan Kansas. At 11:24 pm our power went out. Luckily we have a fireplace and the proper cast iron cookware so that we can stay warm and still have warm food to eat. It's now 1:30 on Monday afternoon, and still no power at my house. I've retreated to the local (wonderful) library for warmth and distraction.

I didn't miss winter THAT much. :)


Ginger Heatter said...

Ice is the worst. We got lots of snow and wind here in NY, but nothing road crews couldn't clean up in a few hours. Hope you're still making the best of your temporary hiatus from modernity. :-)

Amy Unsworth said...

whew. At last we're back to heat in the house--I think that the local folks just don't have the right equipment to deal with wintry weather here. But we were lucky since we had at least some heat from the fireplace.
Thanks for stopping by Ginger!