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On the Year's Cusp

On the Year's Cusp

By Amy Unsworth

May you be blessed as you wander into the new year,
& find peace along your way and on your doorstep.

May the troubles of the old year linger there,
and the glint of possibilities lead you on.

May you ever be surrounded by those who love you,
and may you love them back despite their shortcomings.

May your hearth be warmed by laughter and light,
may your hands and heart be open to the world.

May the good, the honest, the true be on your lips,
may your interests be never ending in their pleasures.

May you always have wind for your sails, rain for your gardens,
food more than sustenance, and joy, and joy, and joy.


Happy New Year!

Live well,




ps. I notice a lot of blog searches for "New Year's Poem" or "New Year's Poetry" if you happen to like this one, you may copy it for personal use, but just drop me an email or leave a comment to let me know that you did. Thanks.


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