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Happy December 2007.

I'm still reeling that the page has turned to December already. And 2007 is ushering itself out the door. There have been many good moments in this year.

My two oldest sons are now taller than me, I got to spend a few weeks with my sister & her little ones this summer. The good outweighs the bad. Mostly I think because I am grateful for all the little things that make life worth living:

  • a new niece
  • my little nephew saying Happy Thanksgiving on the phone.
  • and turkey leftovers. yum.
  • a happy dog or two and how they make my husband laugh.
  • frost patterns on pumpkins
  • volunteer lemon balm growing between the stones of our garden path
  • Christmas lights through the windows-that fuzzy blur from a distance.
  • English & Irish Breakfast Tea
  • the laughter of my kids when they're all getting along for a change.
  • boring doctor's appointments (ie "every test result is negative, & that's positive")
  • meeting new people around this great little town of Manhattan
  • a new bakery cafe in town with great coffee & wonderful ambiance
  • Free Rice.com because I sat with my son & explained how to guess at vocabulary a little more effectively. And he liked playing.
  • The early darkness that allows me to pull the curtains & light the candles
  • ditto, because the boys actually are ready to go to bed at a decent hour.
  • the fireplace: the smell of the logs as they burn
  • knowing that I have support from my family & friends to help me endure the difficult times.
  • knowing that it will be ok, no matter what the final outcome is, because really, it's the same for all of us, sooner or later.
  • being able to accept sadness as a foil for happiness

Live well folks.

Be blessed this holiday season.

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