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Thank you Blog!

for giving me a space to speak about literature and poetry. And remember the blessings of everyday life. And more especially for giving back to me friends that I thought were lost.


The dogs went wild with joy when our two older sons returned from their weekend ski trip.
I am happy too, that they survived the slopes with minimum physical consequences.

When they came back I noticed: the older has had a growth spurt & is starting to look down on me. The other's shoulders are wider, the fuzz on his chin coarser. Yet they still laugh.
This is not what I expected teen years to be like. Oh, and I am grateful. Every moment.


Ana Manga said...

Dear poet,

I'm sorry for the abrupt approach (damn this constant hurry), but here it is: I'm doing a PhD in digital poetics, specifically on blog writing by women. I research in Loughborough University (UK) and I just - finally - finished my selection of blogs. Yours will be one of them, if you don't object. I'm trying to collect some biographic information on the bloggers. Can you please tell me where you're from?

I know it’ll be an interesting – to say the least – to analyze works that are under construction, on the go, being processed, and mostly, to analyze authors that not only are alive, but are “close” and can see me. But that’s the proposal, and I believe it to be a rich one.

I just created a blog to organize the links and keep contact with the writers. Check it out, if you may: www.electracult.blogspot.com. There you can see the list of blogs I'm going to be analyzing during the next 2 years, and you'll find yourself amongst them. Right now I'm drowning in deadlines, but I will very soon update it. Lets keep in touch through our blogs, shall we?

P.S.: This message was forwaded to 8 bloggers.

Amy D. Unsworth said...

Hello Ana,

I'm currently in Kansas. Your project sounds quite interesting.



Kip de Moll said...

It's refreshing to find a blog with some depth. I'm looking hard and very few make me stop and actually read more than a few lines. I appreciate your willlingness to share. Perhaps we might trade links.

Amy D. Unsworth said...

Hello Kip,

Thanks for your comment! And congratulations on returning to your writing.

Many writers have worked at other "day" careers and still found time to write. Wallace Stevens, for example, in the last generation of poets; Ted Kooser (who was a recent Poet Laureate) in this generation.

I'm sure that other genres are rich in examples as well.