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Draft: Words Together Dreaming

Words Together Dreaming

(draft by Amy D. Unsworth)

Jacinte: French back

To Greek & Hyacinthus—

too pleasing, too adored

by the gods—Jealousy incites

murder, blood to bloom:

An iris, a Hyacinth.

Racinate: de-racinate through French

back to Latin. Sans “de”—

uprooted turns to rooting.

Blood seeps through soil

reaching for Lethe—oblivion—

yet forced back to light

each spring the bursting forth

and swift decay— ardor a mere season—

and eternity the long hours of desolation

in the concealed bud hidden above Hades

rooting, rooted, and remembering.



Dick said...

Spring so often inspires the cheerfully anodyne. Good to read something on the edge of prima vera that's much darker. I really enjoyed this.

Ginger Heatter said...

My daughter's name is Jacinda! :-) Thanks for this.

Amy D. Unsworth said...

Hi Dick! Hi Ginger!

Thanks for stopping by! It's lovely to know one has readers,and such kind ones, too.