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Review : The Silence of Men

You can find my review of The Silence of Men at The Pedestal Magazine.

It is an interesting book and does not lead where I thought it might. I made sure that I did not add a "spoiler" to my review, especially since in many ways the poems do appear to create a loose narrative.

I'm learning through reviewing how books of poetry can work. In my studies, I've very rarely looked critically at entire books of poems. But I think as a writer it is essential to do so. Where else are you going to get information about how to order books? I've not had a single person offer advice towards this goal, but I've never really asked either.

I need more books to review; does anyone have any to suggest?


nate said...

Hi, Amy:

Maybe review RJ McCaffery's Ice Sculpture of Mermaid with Cigar... I'm reading it now, and it's a spectacular book!

Amy Unsworth said...

Hi Nate,

I've read many of the poems that comprise the book; however, I've yet to get my hands on the book itself.

And since RJ is a friend and mentor, I'd be a horribly biased reviewer!

Do you have any other suggestions?

Richard Jeffrey Newman said...

Hi Amy,

I just wanted to say thank you for the considered review you gave my book. It is always a pleasure to hear what serious and engaged readers have to say about one's work.

Amy Unsworth said...

Hello Richard,

de nada. You're most welcome.

I believe that if one should decide to read as a critic, one should do so with attention. I try to hold myself to that.

Thank you for visiting,