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Random Acts of Poetry

Coincidently, my husband and I were discussing performing "random acts of poetry" just this morning. Knowing of course that such a good idea had to be already in action somewhere, I looked about on the web and found that the Canadians have such as program and strangely enough this is the week that they celebrate it. (Odd eh?)

See here: http://national-random-acts-of-poetry.blogspot.com/

So, I propose that you too commit random acts of poetry. This can be as simple as reading a poem to a friend, or leaving a copy in a public place or even (if you're brave) reading aloud to a gathering of people (whether they want you to or not!)

I'm thinking about business cards with poems printed on them. A sonnet should fit just fine or another small poem. Or print off a few copies of a poem and mail them to a random sample of people in your town.

We could lead the charge to put poems straight in the hands (and ears!) of potential readers.

So, even if I didn't think of it first, I can still champion for the cause.

Happy Friday!


a said...

Just yesterday I posted a poem on a tree in my village. I knew it had to be happening elsewhere too. Poetic acts are being committed in Linton, South Cambridgeshire, UK!
Best wishes

Amy Unsworth said...

Fantastic! What poem did you post?

Thanks for stopping in to let me know!

I've merely chalked a few lines on classroom chalkboards; I suppose I should send poems with my christmas cards this year & perhaps with the bills as I write the checks.

If you can think of any more good ways to put poetry out into the world, let me know!

a said...

It was Frogs in the Wood by Brian Patten.

I thought I might slip a poem or two in amongst the magazines next time I visit the doctor or the dentist or the hairdresser.

Goodbye for now