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Thoughts on Thanksgiving Afternoon

Pioneers had the ability to make the most with what was on hand: a large orange squash, a handful of sugar, cream skimmed from the top of the milk bucket, rendered lard,flour,spice carefully hoarded to bring an autumn treat to the table. But more importantly they remembered to take time from their busy lives to celebrate, one with another, in thanks and praise for another harvest in the root cellar, another year's bounty, for the faces around the table.
May you too, recall the bounty you've been given and remember to give thanks where due. With gratitude, we acknowledge all we have been given and focus on these gifts, life, love, another day to witness the sun's rise and fall, the pattern of shadows and sunlight across the window pane, the beauty of a leaf, the smell of a wood fire burning. Simple things, peaceful things. Take a moment of quiet and feel yourself breathe. A gift, today.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

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