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Small Pleasures

  • clean sheets, warm blankets, cozy Italian greyhounds, and the sounds of my husband rustling about in the kitchen
  • the tempting smell of morning coffee and the feel of a perfect pot-bellied mug's warmth against my palms
  • watching Pride & Prejudice with a friend: five hours of dancing, costumes, and fine horseflesh
  • the particular way that lemon and poppyseed drop-cookies form tidy circles in the heat of the oven
  • the lovely contrast of pale yellow of the dough with blue-grey poppy seeds
  • the process of cutting circles of parchment paper with pinking sheers to layer in a tin with the freshly baked cookies.
  • the promise of home-made cookies for an after school snack later this week.
  • the windowsill parsley pressing its leaves against the sun-lit glass as against a lover
  • the click of mahjong tiles on the kitchen table and my teen-aged sons' patter
  • a steaming bowl of mushroom soup
  • evening sun on my face as I wash up after dinner
  • piling onto the bed with my youngest son and two dogs to watch a movie all cuddled up.
  • the tactile pleasure of reading a library book in an edition published in 1950 with soft, rounded, edges of the worn paper (and enjoying the book, too)
  • monolith (what a word!)

May you, too, be so blessed.

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