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There is a very readable interview with Gary Snyder at the Poetry Foundation with links to a nice selection of his work. I've always been fond of his "Axe Handles" even though I'm not as certain who's work is shaping me. Pound, yes. Snyder, perhaps. So many that it's impossible to choose. Auden for certain.

I like "The Bath" as well. I like how these poems show a sense of connection between the generations. There's a hope there that I find intensely reassuring.


Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful interview - thanks so much.

Nice to hear him nail it re: haiku in English, the aesthetic of it versuses syllable count. Take care.

Amy Unsworth said...

Hi Keith,

Thanks for visiting. I think it's odd that people get hung up on the syllables too. Haiku is in fact a beautiful little form. I like Basho's quite a bit. I don't know if they're available on the net, but certainly worth reading.


Jordan Reynolds said...

"The Bath"....oh "The Bath." I have had that poem tagged with a sticky note in my volume of Contemporary American Poetry- 6th edition ever since I came across it the first time. I often find myself going back to re-read it at night, before bed. There is so much there.

The almost overt sexual tension, combined with the overt familial connectivity creates a beautiful composition unlike anything else I've ever read. I'm glad to find someone else found it so interesting.


Jordan Reynolds