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Even Easier

I've noticed that quite a few more journals have entered the world of electronic submissions recently. The last time I was researching for submissions there were hardly any print journals that offered an online option. Now, some only accept electronic versions. There are several handy databases with links to journals as well. Nice.

I think it's a great move in general. I've been reading submissions via email or electronic files for about five years. Actually, I've only had paper submissions once, as a reader for Touchstone. The files are so much easier to handle, to share, and for responses.

But, even after an hour long struggle to install a printer driver today, I'm still awfully fond of printing out my poems so that no changes/glitches/gremlins occur during their travels to editors. And I'm fond of postage stamps. Possibly because my older brother once collected them, so I think, perhaps, my boys will want all these stamps from the submissions I've sent out and had returned to me.

It's a process in patience & I'm still trying to learn.

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