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I need a challenge.

Does anyone have a good prompt or challenge? I've been grading papers and feel less than inspired to write poetry.

I feel rusty; I need a little nudge.


J Martin said...

Let's see. How about this:

Hi, Amy.

Write a poem that's four sentences long. One sentence should be very short, one should be long, and one should be medium-sized. The fourth sentence may be short, medium, or long. Include the name of a planet or star, a monetary unit, and an invention that's hard to use. Try not to use the word "the" more than twice.

Have fun.


J Martin said...

Or, take a line of poetry, maybe something from "Heart's Needle," and string into down the page word by word using each word as the first line of a new poem.

Amy Unsworth said...

Hi Jack,
Good to see you in this neck of the net.

These both seem workable. I've started one with the "line of poetry" strung down the page. It's not ready to be shared, but there is an idea on a page.

A good start! Thanks for the ideas!