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Drawing In

The summer is reaching its height of broiling temperatures. The pots of herbs are baking in the sun; caterpillars have eaten the rue down to just stems. Still, a weed or two pops up from some seed blown in by the wind or gathered unknowingly in the handfuls of soil.

In the heat, the mob of kangaroos bathes in dust and watches without concern as we tread through their exhibit. At the sheep station, the tank is filled with cool water and my sons splash their faces and hands. The sheep doze in the shadow of the barn. The native art shows a waterhole and the tracks of many creatures that drink. It is a different way of seeing, all of our footsteps mingling, creatures of the light, of the dark, and of the half-light of dusk and dawn.

I am gathering in-- plans, perfect cherry tomatoes, the lazy laughter echoing through the house-- before the routine of the school year is upon us again.


J Martin said...

Yeah, it's here, isn't it?

Should I say that I'm not looking forward to it, but that I'm sure it'll be ok once it starts?

So were the kangaroos and sheep at the zoo? Maybe I'd better go back and reread the original post.

I went to the Dnver Zoo with my son (5) and his summer camp this summer. Everything was baking.

Amy Unsworth said...

Hi Jack,

It will be fine it starts up again, and actually I'm excited about it since I actually have my first teaching job. I think it's knowing that the summers are short with my kids, there are a limited number left with them here under my roof, so it is a bit bittersweet.

And yes, the Kansas City Zoo is where the sheep and the kangaroos abide. :)

I've not been to the Denver zoo yet. Any stellar exibits?