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Jack E. said...

Oh jeez, Amy. I am totally into Bob & Larry. And Mr. Lunt's cheeseburger song. Though I'm not really religious, my son attends church regularly, and Veggie Tales is pretty much the only pick from that, um, 'genre' that I can sit through. But it's so well done, I have to admit I like it. On my list of heroes, Larry-Boy comes in just behind Achilles and Cuchulainn. And really, a plunger is so much more 'me' than a spear. Anyhoo, hope you're doing well -- and thanks for posting something less expected than an opinion on Mary Oliver's kitty poem.

Amy Unsworth said...

Well, I think the creators of
Veggie Tales are obsessed with Gilbert & Sullivan musicals, so many of the songs are takes of those. We recently saw "Lyle the Viking" which was cute, but I think my favorite song to date must still be the "Cebu" song, followed closely by "The Bunny Song". And I love the sheep from "Josh and the Big Wall" as they are just dang cute.
Good to hear from you Jack!