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Palabras for the day

Palabras me gustan hoy:

pomegranate & granada

marsopa & porpoise

And the one that makes me a little curious since "transendence" is usually a good thing for poetry and usually words that look quite a bit alike have the same root in the Latin:

trascendente & portentous (!)

I'm mixing up the languages, but it's a learning method. Espero. I'm trying. Es la verdad. Lo siento.

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Manuel Armando Clavell said...

¡Qué chula!

Chula: Voz puertorriqueña que significa "chévere" o "cute".

Abrazos virtuales de Manuel

Note: I find you because of Google. I was looking for Derrida (I get lost in translations). Pleasure to meet you.