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Derrida, Responsibility, and Grace

There are some few, rare, people who can share their knowledge with others in a graceful manner that does not make the learner feel as if they are incompetent or inferior. This weekend at Emporia State, I went to a conference on Derrida and met several such teachers. Hugh J. Silverman, who was the keynote speaker, commented with kindness on every paper he heard over the course of the day, however much or little the papers actually intersected with Derridian theory. Likewise, Wilson Baldridge asked questions that help lead to new discoveries and was kind enough to answer even simplistic questions with patience and respect for the listener. If these represent the manner of lifestyle that Derrida encouraged, I am compelled to read more.

If I one day can be such a teacher, I will be satisfied.

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SquirrleyMojo said...

excellent post to be sure. what i keep going over in my mind is the wee bit o fragment that i read of derrida that suggests language (et. ali.) is just a game . . . the metaphors he used to untangle this thread (or wind it to more complications) play in my own brain relentlessly--