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There seems to be a "tradition" of doing a roundup and chatting about what the other poets are up to in their own corner of blogland. And yes, if the blog is listed over there on the sidebar, I'm reading it on a regular basis. In fact:
  • Kelli won an award for a Sestina with a long title.
  • Roger Poa is listing books by Asian American Poets
  • Jeff Bahr is usually reading & commenting on his mail (and it's interesting mail) and the book he is currently reading: Spell. He's also talking about poet listings.
  • T.E. Ballard wants to be wealthy and wants more books.
  • Eduardo is at ASU listening to famous poets.
  • Hannah is concerned with watchdog groups.
  • Suzanne is trying to buy a house.
  • Glenn is working on multiple revisions of an old workbook poem
  • Dick is "dreaming in green"
  • Frank, accompanied by a trombone in a former life, is writing about wills.
  • Steve is showcasing new threecandles.org work
  • Tony has his "top ten" up and has his laundry done.
  • Jenni is following Idol and is also looking at houses.
  • Scoplaw survived spring break & is taking law students to task. Ah, and a poem to read.
  • Ron's page takes ages to download on my computer. Why? A smart photo of Jack Gilbert? Yes.
  • Mojo: hmm. Who is this? I haven't a clue. Odd thoughts, random ideas. Commented once on my blog.
  • Jennifer has a photo that will make you hope for spring, if it hasn't already arrived where you are.
  • C. Dale is anticipating AWP.

Links to your right, ladies and gents. Are there other blogs I should be reading everyday? Let me know.

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